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NOTE: The fastest way to get approved to promote Lazy Commissions is to simply "buy" the front-end offer for $0 and then apply from within the membership area. Anyone who purchases the license rights or special license rights will be automatically approved as an affiliate to promote it at 100% throughout the entire funnel.

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FE Offer: Lazy Commissions
$0 (100% Free)

Lazy Commissions is a high-quality affiliate marketing training course with newbie marketers in mind.
The focus is to get beginners to $100/day in affiliate commissions as soon as possible.

Lazy Commissions covers marketing basics, execution/mindset, email marketing, lead generation, and organic/"free" traffic generation.
The course is based on solid fundamentals and comes with several unannounced, highly valuable bonuses and additional resources.

We'll continue to update the course over time to keep it evergreen and serve all clients in the best possible way. All upgrades are recommended repeatedly from within the course. Plus, we will continue to engage all your leads over 20 emails (max 2 per day) using raw links so you get credit for all affiliate sales generated. This offer represents a perfect client attraction funnel (or self-liquidating offer) for the affiliate marketing niche.



Upgrade Offer 1: The Ultimate Marketing Vault (UMV)
$17 (50% commissions or 100% with (Triple) Special License Rights)

The Ultimate Marketing Vault comes with:

  • professional, clean, high-quality, and blazingly fast bonus/bridge page (with step-by-step guidance on how to make micro changes and how to host the page for entirely free on best-in-class hosting & a top-notch, 99.9998% availability CDN - extremely reliable, and perfect to send any traffic to, including high-scale paid traffic campaigns
  • same-quality (as the bonus/bridge page above) splash page for use with any traffic exchange, solo ad, classified ad, or to use as the highest CTR splash page when you don't have a lot of time or space on target networks available
  • 5 high-quality squeeze pages (for the MMO/IM niche), 2-step and classic opt-in pages, with detailed instructions on how to host these pages for free on top-quality hosting, and how to connect these pages to your chosen AR
  • high-quality, auto-forwarding "Thank You"-page to pre-sell any core offer, and inject custom tracking code - perfect for affiliate marketers who don't have their own offer but still want the tracking
  • the perfect DFY lead magnet (for the MMO/IM niche)
  • high-quality, value-driven, unseen 10 days email sequence to warm your leads up to your core offer (we show multiple options for your core-offer within the training)
It's an incredibly powerful package, and undoubtly a true "no-brainer offer" at just $7.

Within the core training course of Lazy Commissions we repeatedly refer back to the UMV in order to help people get started asap, and with the side-benefit for you, the affiliate, making consistent commissions over time from all your leads.

We purposefully created a professional training and a very high-quality first upgrade (that does NOT need any additional tools or "page building software" in order to work for the client, none of that BS) just to prove our value and to convince anyone to get on board with our next upgrade...



Upgrade Offer 2: Secret Affiliate Insider
$97 (50% commissions or 100% with (Triple) Special License Rights)

The Secret Affiliate Insider is an exclusive, private Discord server and community of like-minded affiliates and online entrepreneurs.

People of all backgrounds log into our private, family-like, friendly, and ultra-helpful server every day. This is the place where we do advanced and on-demand workshops, quickfire trainings, present case-studies and "behind the curtain" paid traffic campaigns.

For you, the affiliate, the Secret Affiliate Insider represents an high-quality group membership & coaching-like, supportive environment at a purpusefully low, one-time price for your leads and clients. This combination will guarantee very high conversion rates for this upgrade.

Anyone who gets this upgrade will have the options to ask questions openly in group chat and voice channels on our private server, or contact us privately (1:1) with questions in a (real time) chat environment.

In addition, we run several channels on that server, including a pretty popular and very well-received shared review-access channel which allows especially newbie-marketers to get review-access to plenty of software tools and information products for their reviews. More on that inside the Secret Affiliate Insider...



Upsell Offer 3: (Triple) Special License Rights
$97 (50% commissions or 100% Special License Rights) 

This is unheard of in today's market.

We actually give affiliates the opportunity here to not only make 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel but in addition get all their clients' data!

The result? Anyone can make Lazy Commissions "their own, true core offer" and even use it as a complete client attraction system & funnel because they get all their clients' data as if this was their own offer!

That's why we said "unheard of in the market", we couldn't find any offer on WarriorPlus that's even remotely comparable.

Without any exaggerations, this puts anyone who gets the special license rights into the best possible position to succeed as an affiliate marketer!

Combine this with the fact that we run a complete, value-driven, "raw link" follow-up engagement campaign of 20 emails in total to all new members of Lazy Commissions, in order to provide more value and get people engaged with the training and upgrades... And you truly have the perfect storm to bank affiliate commissions like no tomorrow.

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